Course Registration for 2022-23 is now closed.

Course Registration Instructions - FORMS DUE 1/26/2022

1. Download Each of the Following Documents

  1. Course Catalog: (View via Teams)
  2. Typical Schedule and Grad Requirements
  3. Customizable 4-year Course Planner
  4.  Your Course Registration Form and AP Agreement Forms:

2. Meet Your Future Teachers and Learn About Their Classes!

Access teacher videos -> HERE 
Watch the videos for all the classes you are thinking about enrolling in!

Still have questions after reading the course catalog and watching teacher videos? Come to Counselor Open Office Hours! (This flyer and links to virtual hours available on TEAMS)
First page of the PDF file: RegistrationOpenOfficeHoursFlyer


3. Complete and Submit Your Registration Form & AP Agreement Form(s)

Complete all required forms and turn them in to the MAIN OFFICE after you have watched all videos, asked your questions, and are feeling confident in your choices. Take your time to review and complete all of the required components!
Turning in your forms prior to the deadline will not give you priority in registration.

However, turning in your forms after the deadline will drop your form to the bottom priority in our registration pile, as will incomplete forms, missing forms, and missing signatures.