Junior Meetings

It's time to begin your college/post-high school plan search!

Before you may schedule a junior meeting with your counselor, grab your Tesla STEM Post-High School Planning Handbook and follow along with this narrated presentation. Don't forget to take notes and write down your questions!

Once you complete the presentation, you will complete the pre-junior meeting questionnaire (below) and then you will receive access to schedule your one-on-one meeting between your family and your counselor to cover any additional questions you might have!

Junior Meeting presentation
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  • If you have trouble playing the presentation, try downloading your own copy and play as a presentation on your device (best viewed on a non-mobile device).
  • In the PowerPoint app, go to "Slideshow"--> Play from Beginning to start the presentation.
  • There should be audio playing automatically all the way through. If you don't hear it, you can click on the audio button on each page to hear the voiceover.
  • If you are not using PowerPoint (e.g. .pdf version or online browser version)  you may not hear the audio component of the presentation.

Pre-Junior Meeting Questionnaire

Virtual College Fairs

College & Career Research Websites

Financial Aid and Scholarships

First page of the PDF file: CollegePlanningHandbookCO2022

Required Documents for Senior Year

Full-Length Guide to College Admissions

First page of the PDF file: CollegeAdmissionsGuidefromNACAC2018

SAT/ACT Prep and Information

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