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Recommended Reading: Chronic Admission Stress is Unnecessary  "Millions of American teenagers are chronically stressed out about their efforts to get into the most selective college possible....making it more difficult to reach their full potential due to the harm to their mental and physical well-being that stems from this stress. The good news, though, is that chronic college admission stress is based upon false assumptions and can be eliminated without negatively impacting your future success....."

KNOW the Facts, Make Educated Assumptions:
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College Planning Timeline and Activities by Grade Level

College Planning Tips

Thrive in High School: What you do in high school — in and out of class —matters to colleges: it all adds up to show who you are.
Stay Motivated: To succeed in high school and college, you have to do your best at all times. But sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, even when you really care about the work you’re doing. Learn about ways to stay on the right track.
Stand Out: Activities outside the classroom can give you new skills and perspectives. They also reveal things about you that grades and test scores can’t.
Get Advice: From advice on classes to college applications, see how your school counselor can help you navigate high school and the college planning journey.

Financial Aid and Scholarships (11 &12)

First page of the PDF file: CollegeAdmissionsGuidefromNACAC2018

ACT/SAT Prep & Registration

College & Career Research (11th)

Recommended Reading:

“So if your very bright, hard-working son or daughter has to ‘settle for’ Boston University because they were turned down by Harvard and MIT,” Becker says, “point out to them that they’ll have more top-5 percent math students at B.U. than at the other two universities combined. . . ." The notion that attending a slightly less selective school means going to college somewhere that there won’t be lots of other students who match up well with you intellectually is simply not true.