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2017-18 ASB officers

President: Gregory Moore

VP: Anika Dighde

Secretary: Aashna Sheth

Treasurer: Lawrence Atienza

Clubs Coordinator: Audrey Tseng

Activities Coordinator: Isha Murali

Public Relations: Lauren Kim and Megha Mattikalli

Sophomore Rep: Anna Whiteside

Junior Rep: Tiger McDaniel

Senior Rep: Yogi Sunkara

ASB Meeting minutes

The ASB meeting minutes are provided to give STEM students and parents an idea of everything the discussed during ASB meetings. We hope to give you a clearer idea as to what we have in store for you, but please keep in mind that these notes are deliberated and discussed frequently, therefore, nothing is confirmed until formally announced.

If you would like to view past meeting minutes, please contact

ASB Fund Balance Reports

Associated Student Body (ASB) funds are raised by and for students. These funds are used for optional, extracurricular events that are cultural, athletic, recreational, or social. These funds are not available for graded student activities that are part of the school curriculum.


ASB Documents