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Rocket Scientists make the news!

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Letter from Model UN Advisor

Dec. 3, 2019

Dear STEM Family,

Happy holiday season! Today, I am writing not as an English teacher but as the advisor for Tesla STEM’s Model United Nations club (MUN).  We have received some questions about how the club attends conferences so I want to clarify our procedures. 

The confusion arises because there are several MUN conferences that allow students to register as individuals in the same way a sport like tennis allows students to compete as part of a school team, a club or as an individual.

  • Any time we attend a conference as a club, a permission slip will be sent home in advance.  It must be signed by a guardian and returned to me before the student is allowed to get on the bus.
  • We do not attend ANY conferences that require an overnight stay in a hotel.  In fact, this year we are attending only one 2-day conference, WASMUN.  This conference is held at the University of Washington in the spring and we will be taking a bus to and from STEM each day.
  • We do not attend ANY conferences that ask students to miss a portion or an entire day of school.  WASMUN is weekend days only.
  • The distance to the UW campus is the farthest we travel to a conference.  We do not attend ANY conferences that are outside our immediate region.
  • When we do attend conferences, a STEM teacher serves as a chaperone as well as two parent volunteers.  (And we really love our parent volunteers!!)

MUN is growing in popularity in this part of the country and you may hear your scholar talk about conferences as close as Seattle and as far away as Canada that STEM students attend.  Those students are attending either with their own parents or are going unchaperoned.  STEM has no responsibility for those students.  Those students cannot claim conference attendance as an excused absence from any portion of a school day without a guardian calling the school office, as would be done if the scholar was sick.

Most importantly, if there is no permission slip, it is NOT a STEM field trip in any way.

One of the things I like about the WASMUN conference is that it gives our students the opportunity to spend two days on the UW campus and get a taste of college life.  We attend as a team – travel together, eat meals together, etc.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.


Annie Fort
English Teacher, Model UN Advisor