Principal's Letter

February 21, 2018

Dear Tesla STEM Community,

With the tragedy last week in Florida, there has been much talk here at Tesla STEM regarding safety and our practices. As you know, all district schools practice emergency preparedness early and often, and I wanted to take a moment to just review what we do here at Tesla. We practice safety/emergency drills starting in September and then multiple times throughout the academic year. We use the ALICE Program to drill the active shooter on campus training, and we conduct this specific training each year in October. Our School Resource Officer (SRO) and our Campus Security assist us in all drills and protocols. Further, we have a building level safety plan that aligns with the district plan. Additionally, we talk with our students openly and factually about safety and best practices to stay safe not only at school but also out in the community. Our SRO keeps us up to date with all new information so that we can stay current and informed.

As per Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce’s Connections communication earlier today, our building’s safety enhancements include key card access that allows outside doors to remain locked, classroom doors retrofitted to lock from the inside, and window treatments to utilize in the event of a lockdown. We are next slated for security cameras per the passage of the recent levy.

As always, we encourage our students and families that if you see something that does not seem quite right, please say something. Please do not hesitate. If you have additional questions, please do let me know.

Cindy Duenas, Principal

Tesla STEM Faculty and Staff