Principal's Letter

September 17, 2020

Good afternoon to Tesla STEM Parents and Scholars,

We are completing week #3 already...amazing.  Below is quick info for your review.  Thank you!!

Dates to Calendar

  • 9-23-20                 Distribution of Materials Round #2.  Teachers will inform students if they need to pick up more materials for class.
  • 9-28-20                 Curriculum Night - Remote Style.  Teachers’ videos will be posted to our school website.  Specifics to come.
  • 10-2-20                 Half-way Point of 1st Quarter. Specifics regarding students’ grades to come.
  • 11-4-20                 End of 1st Quarter. 

Lab Fees

  • Every Tesla STEM scholar has classes every year that are doing multiple demos, design projects, group work, labs, and presentations of work.
  • This year, we have reduced the fee by 50% to offset the reduction in student labs, etc.
  • To continue to offer this level of scholarship and rigor, we do need everyone to pay the reduced lab fees.
  • We purchase materials in bulk to keep the costs down.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this item.  We appreciate it!!

Students’ Work Completion Rates

This year more than ever, we are following every scholar’s work completion status in all classes.  We want to ensure that our young adults have every opportunity to stay current with their required class work products.  During remote teaching and learning when class sessions are live only twice per week instead of five times per week, if a student gets behind in his/her work, it might be more of a challenge to get caught up.  To this end, we are following these protocols:

  • For a student who develops a pattern of missing work, instructors will send an email to both the student and the parent.  Information will include the actual missing work/assignment and how the instructor may assist.
  • For a student who is missing work/assignments even after the instructors’ initial email, then the academic counselors and/or admin will set up a meeting with the student and the parent to see how we might assist.

This communications will be proactive in nature and are intended to problem solve and/or provide strategies and assistance.  These communications are not punitive; but rather, we want to make sure all of our great scholars have what they need to be productively engaged in all classes.  Thank you for your attention to this one.  As always, we look forward to collaborating with you.

Work Completion Notification…Your Option

Would you like an automatic email notification for if/when your young adult misses an assignment?  If so, follow these steps:

  • 1. Log in to Parent Access and then click the link titled Family Access.
  • 2. Once inside your Family Access account, select the My Account tab on the top left side.
  • 3. In My Account, select the checkbox at the bottom left of the page that enables email notification. It states, “Receive Grading Emails for my student(s).” Then SAVE.

Academic Counseling Team:

 Technology Information/Assistance:

Cindy Duenas and Cynthia Burt