Principal's Letter

January 17, 2018

Dear Tesla STEM Community,

I had the pleasure of visiting with both Mike and Meg Town yesterday afternoon. They both shared their gratefulness for all of your prayers and well wishes…."We felt all the prayers and positive thoughts wash over us; it carried us." The student cards and ASB poster were a gift to them during these challenging few weeks. They are now in recovery mode. I shared with them our STEM community’s multiple offers of prepared dinners, etc. Again, they are very touched by the outpouring of support. At this time, however, they are stocked up quite well. They did express that a donation to a food bank would be great if people want to do so as the Towns donate to several food banks year-round. If you want to send cards, you can drop them off in the main office, and we will make sure to get them to Mr. Town.

Good news all around!! Again, thank you for all of your support.

Cindy Duenas, Principal & Tesla STEM High School Staff

January 2, 2018

Dear Tesla STEM High School Community,

Happy New Year, everyone!! Attached is our first semester finals schedule and additional info that is being emailed to all of our T-STEM families this afternoon.

Semester 1 Finals Schedule

Please note the following details:

  • We do not give early or late finals. Period. We do, however, adjust for final course student presentations. I have a couple of instructors who have arranged with me to start final student presentations a few days early as our regular 2-hour final block of testing is not enough time for all students to present. This is our only adjustment. If you have students and/or parents requesting to test outside of our scheduled semester finals calendar, please let me know. Thanks!!
  • We keep our semester finals testing environment quiet. We want to make sure to give all of our students the opportunity to perform at their best during these assessment days. Our students work hard, study hard. We honor this with maintaining the optimum performance environment.
  • You will notice that we have one scheduled 25 min break during finals testing. This is the only break, and food is available at this time only. There is no lunch service.
  • School is out at noon with buses leaving at 12:05. Please make certain that students know that the buses will leave on time.
  • There are no afternoon activities, clubs meetings, etc during the three days of semester finals. No PBL Internships as well.

Questions? Let me know. Thanks!!


Mrs. Duenas